We are A New NTEU. We are university workers running for the leadership of the National Tertiary Education Union, and we are determined to build the power of ordinary university workers to fight the relentless attacks on universities.

We know first hand how bad things are because we are living it right now - insecurity and overwork are standard practice, and there seems to be no way out.

But we are here to tell you that there is a way out. We can:

We deserve no less than to be treated with dignity and respect at work.

We deserve no less than to be paid for all the work we do.

We deserve no less than to have secure work day to day, semester to semester, and year to year.

We, the workers, run our universities: it is time for us to take them back.

As the pandemic raged and over 40 000 jobs were lost, the current NTEU leadership deserted the workers and instead colluded with university managements around the country to create the “Jobs Protection Framework”, a plan to cut thousands more university jobs and salaries, sacrificed for the bottom line of universities. However, it comes as no surprise that universities are now recording billion dollar surpluses. There was never any reason to agree to workers losing our jobs and having our salaries slashed, and if the membership had been consulted, as we should have been, we would have said: ‘NO’.

We need transparency and democracy to restore the trust of workers in our union. We will build a strike-ready workforce through a massive organising push to build majority density union membership and a powerful, active delegates network. We acknowledge that our struggles take place on Aboriginal land and commit to confronting racism however it manifests. We will fight against transphobia and for trans liberation. And we will ensure that the NTEU follows its own rules and thrives as a democratic, worker-run union.

The NTEU needs new leadership to achieve this vision. Your vote for Anastasia Kanjere for National General Secretary, for Andrew Beitzel as National Assistant Secretary and Fahad Ali for National President is a vote for A New NTEU.