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Against amending QUTE motion

I’m speaking against this amendment and advocating that the original motion, as it was unanimously agreed upon by queer members in the QUTE caucus, be considered by Council.

Honestly I’m pretty disappointed to even need to be speaking to this amendment. This motion in its original form was designed, refined and endorsed by the official NTEU committee for the representation of LGBTIQ+ workers in our union. I see this amendment as a real overreach of senior officials in our union, who are not members of the QUTE caucus, to disregard this democratic and consultative process which gives queer members a voice at Council.

I’d just like to address the anxiety here which is being evoked about free speech. Actually, this motion doesn’t suggest that the expression of any views be prevented. Instead, this motion is itself an example of political speech - it is our union taking a stand and making a clear statement about our position on an ethical issue which affects our members. We shouldn’t be shy of speaking our views, clearly and proudly, in solidarity with trans and gender diverse and gender non-conforming communities. In fact, in seeking to remove this proud declaration of solidarity, this amendment seeks to silence the speech of the LGBTIQ+ members in the QUTE caucus.

The QUTE caucus wrote and debated and refined this motion. They are the experts here in how to approach the issues which impact queer members of the union - in fact, that’s exactly why this subcommittee exists. I urge you to vote against this amendment so that the original motion as it was written can be heard.