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Thanks comrades.

This is a very simple motion that amends gendered language in Standing Orders and the Policy Manual and replaces it with gender neutral language.

This is part of a project that our comrades in the QUTE caucus have been working on over the past year to develop our capacity to speak meaningfully to the issues faced by LGBTIQ+ workers in our sector. They’ve been doing some hard work to look at how our union is perceived by university staff who are LGBTIQ+ and how we can remedy any shortfalls and really make sure that our union is seen as - and acts as - an ally to marginalised communities.

So this is a very small change to wording but it’s part of a suite of really exciting progressive work that’s being undertaken and I’d encourage you to join me in voting for it, and thanking all of the members of the QUTE caucus who are putting in the work in this space and making our union stronger.

[Motion was seconded by Adam Fernandes, Monash branch, but as it was uncontested he was not called on to speak as seconder]