Hi, I'm Andrew

My name is Andrew Beitzel and I’m excited to announce I’m running for National Assistant Secretary of the NTEU! I’m launching my candidacy as part of a New NTEU alongside Fahad Ali for National President and Anatasia Kanjere for General Secretary.

I’m an Indigneous man of Nyigina descent through the Toms family and I’m a fixed-term professional staff member at the University of Queensland. I’ve seen firsthand how bad conditions are for university workers - we’ve faced nothing but job cuts, wage-theft, government defunding, casualisation and bullying over the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re overworked, underpaid and fuelled with constant anxiety at our workplaces which are in the worst shape they’ve ever been in.

We have a leadership in the NTEU that would rather compromise with university management than stand up and fight. The list of attacks against workers by the leadership is endless - from the Jobs Protection Framework at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, to refusing to fight with Black workers against institutional racism, to supporting transphobia in ‘gender-critical’ ideology, to undermining and eroding the democratic will of branches and caucuses. They’ve shown nothing but top down, anti-democratic and opaque practices that have harmed this union.

We cannot continue working for a university management that continually attacks us and a union leadership that undermines us at every turn - this cannot go on forever.

For the first time in history, we are contesting a national election in the NTEU. Rank-and-file workers have led the fight against hostile conditions at universities for the last two years. It’s time our union served rank-and-file workers on the frontline.

We want to build a bottom-up union that fights with rank-and-file workers through having rank-and-file members as its leaders. We want a democratic union that listens and serves its members with deep democracy and transparency instead of undermining and suppressing them. We want a union with strategy, radical vision and strong organising methods that will fight for collective power and strong union-density across all universities. Above all, we want a fighting union that engages in strikes across university campuses not just against horrific workplace conditions, but against institutional racism, transphobia, patriarchy and all oppressions that face higher education workers.

Dare to struggle, dare to win. Vote 1 Andrew Beitzel, vote 1 Fahad Ali, and vote 1 Anatasia Kanjere for a New NTEU.